Pneumatic roller

A pneumatic roller, also known as a pneumatic wheel and road roller, has many different uses when it comes to the area of construction. These types of rollers are mainly used for compaction of soils and materials, but it is also able to conform to the surface while being paved. This is a huge advance compared to steel rollers, because steel rollers are not able to do this. In case you are looking for a pneumatic roller compactor, you are at the right place at BIG Machinery. We have a wide variety of pneumatic rollers for sale, from only the best brands. Here you can think of Caterpillar, Ammann and Bomag pneumatic rollers. We have it all in stock! So, do not look any further as you are at the number 1 place for heavy construction machines!

Pneumatic rollers for sale

As we have already said above, we offer a broad range of pneumatic road rollers in our stock of machines. We (almost) always have Amman and Caterpillar pneumatic rollers for sale, but if you are lucky you can also find Bomag or Dynapac pneumatic rollers in our assortment. These types of machines are almost always the first to run out, so you have to be quick! We strongly advise you to frequently visit this page to see the assortment. Still haven’t found the machine that you are looking for? Or are you not sure which machine is suitable for your job? You can always get in touch with us to explore the possibilities. Our employees are more than happy to help you out!

Pneumatic rollers: the best quality

All of the machines that we have in stock at BIG Machinery are in excellent shape. The used pneumatic rollers that we have for sale are all handpicked by our own employees. Our team of experts have loads of experience regarding heavy construction machines and equipment. Due their experience and knowledge, they know what to look for when it comes to machines! This ensures you that you receive a proper machine for your job. At every listing you can find information about the machine, such as the year it was built, weight and other important details. In case you need more information or assistance, you can always reach out to our employees.

Delivery of the pneumatic road rollers

BIG Machinery is almost 30 years active as a company. During this long run, we have gained lots of experience in this field of work. Not only were we able to become Europe’s leading distributor and supplier of heavy construction and equipment, we have also obtained the largest fleet in Europe. This large fleet enables us to deliver all the machines that we offer worldwide. Not only do we deliver the machines all over the world, we can also do it in a short amount of time. So, to be concluded: it doesn’t matter where you are located, our large fleet can reach you with the machine of your choice!

Questions about buying a pneumatic roller?

Are you already interested in buying one of the excellent pneumatic rollers at BIG Machinery? Do not wait any longer and complete your purchase today! In case you have any questions or concerns regarding the pneumatic rollers that are for sale at BIG Machinery, we are always happy to help you out. You can get in touch with us by calling 0031 (0)418 674 545. Do you rather have contact per email? In that case, you can send us an email to You will always be helped by our own experts.

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