Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 3848 6×4 Tractor Head + Gorica dump trailer 40 CBM

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General information

Code machine
ACTROS 3848 6x4 Tractor Head + Gorica dump trailer 40 CBM
Serial number
€ 55000.00
BIG 5 Douane entrepot
391093 km



Product configuration Mercedes Benz Tractor head 3848 6×4
-V8 engine
-3 pedals
-250-350 TKM
-steel suspension
-tire 12.00R24

Trailer Gorica TP 40.00
-steel suspension
-BPW axle
-double tire 12.00R24
-40 CBM

Option code:
A91 Front axle, straight version
AL3 Front axle 7.5 tons
AM6 Rear axle 16.0 t crown wheel 300
AR1 Axle transmission I = 5.333 (HL7)
BB6 Drum brakes on front and rear axle
BB8 Telligent braking system with ABS and ASR
BD3 Brake and electrical connections, high
C63 Bumper steel version
C69 Mounting angle for connecting plate extended
CL9 Steering system LS 6 / LS 8
D25 Roof hatch / roof ventilation valve
E84 Battery box, lockable
E86 Battery sensor
EB3 batteries, 2 x 12V / 220 Ah, low maintenance
EC6 Trailer socket outlet, 15-pin
EC8 Adapter, 15-pin on 2×7-pin socket
ES8 Extra socket, 24 V / 15 A, cab window bar
ET1 Voltage converter 24 V / 12 V, 8 A
EV0 Communication interface
EV6 Preparation 12 V radio, installation afterwards
EX3 Preparation FleetBoard
F07 Short cabin
F24 Cab rear wall, straight
F35 Cab rear wall with window
FC7 Tinted windows, without band filter
FE5 Power window electric, driver’s and front passenger’s door
FE6 Cab step, moving
FL3 Cabin bearing, rear reinforced
FL6 Cabin bearing, standard
FN1 Distribution cockpit
FS2 Wide-angle mirror on driver’s side, heated
FW2 Drive-off blocking canceled (transponder)
G81 Coupling, reinforced
GC2 Transmission G 240-16 / 11.7-0.69
GS7 Telligent gearshift system II
GZ6 Clutch supplier Valeo
H03 Air conditioner
© Mercedes-Benz AG, 18-2-20, X / 02/20
HF1 Construction filter
IA5 Wheel arrangement 6×4
IC4 Tractor
ID1 Leaf suspension
IF2 Model series MPII
IF6 Actros series, production location Wörth
IJ4 Tires, 325/95 R24 front axle / trailing axle
IJ5 Tires, 325/95 R 24 rear axle
IL2 Export code
IL8 Control version left
IP7 Wheelbase 3300 mm
IV7 33.0 tonner
IX8 V8 engines
IY2 Hydraulic fluid in accordance with sheet 345.0
J10 Speedometer km
JK3 Combi instrument, graphic display, ecometer
JW0 Reversing warning
K40 Tank lock
K45 Strainer, fuel tank filler neck
KH7 Exhaust silencer, end piece sideways out
KH9 Exhaust system, moved backwards
KS4 Main tank 400 l, steel
L58 Flashing light, yellow
M45 Alternator 28 V / 100 A
M49 Tandem air filter system
M72 Protection plate, under cooling and engine
M78 Engine number debossed
MA9 Engine bearing, for bad roads
MD9 Tempomat
MK7 Electronic speed limiter, 100 km / h
ML3 Fan high power, with belt drive
MP0 Motor package, for harsh operating conditions
MS0 Engine version, Euro II
MX5 Engine, V8, LA, 350 kW (476 hp), 1800 rpm
N55 Transmission oil cooling
NH 2 PTO, layshaft MB 131-2c
NZ1 Single PTO
P44 Splash guard, for transport to bodybuilder
QD9 Front spring, 9.0 tons, hard, asymmetrical
QF8 Rear wheel suspension spring, 18.0 t, for wheelbase 1450 mm
QJ7 Coupling plate Jost 38-C1, 3.5 inch, h = 190 mm, hand lubrication
QM8 Mounting plate 40 mm for connecting plate 36 tons
QM9 Dish external line, without hole pattern
R28 Skew bed rims 8.50-24, for 12.00-24
R60 Spare wheel holder, provisional
R87 Spare wheel / replacement rim
RM8 Special preferred tire brand, Michelin
SF0 Functional seat, co-driver
SG5 Sprung driver’s seat as standard, Isringhausen
TR7 Weight version 38.0 tons (7.5 / 16.0 / 16.0)
X38 Type designation, in accordance with weight model
X42 Pictures / documentation, English
X53 Documentation Arabic, extra
XC2 Type designation, Gulf States
XK3 ATS warranty in accordance with general terms and conditions, 3 years / 250,000 km
XQ3 VIN coded data complete vehicle, Mercedes-Benz
XV6 Actros 3
XW9 Noise measures are canceled
XY3 Model year 3
Y10 First aid kit
Y16 Fire Extinguisher
Y20 Sheet height, export
Y27 1 wheel chock
Y34 Tire filling hose, 10 m
© Mercedes-Benz AG, 18-2-20, X / 02/20
Y44 Warning triangle
Y45 Breakdown lamp
YA8 Spoiler expired
YM1 FleetBoard computer
Z01 Export version
ZA6 FleetBoard
ZX1 Common Powertrain Controller (CPC)
ZZ3 Vehicle for right-hand traffic


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